Our flagship product, ProSALI, is a novel anti-caries product – a powerful oral probiotic capable of killing 99% of the main bacteria involved in causing tooth cavities. This probiotic is a commensal bacterium with potential to offer a sustainable and long-term probiotic benefits. The probiotic is well adapted to growth in the mouth and known to naturally produce protein products that inhibit the growth of caries-causing bacteria. Not only does the probiotic have high anti-caries efficacy, but it is also a natural product with its use easily integrated into currently existing and accepted clinical operations in the dental practice. This probiotic, currently undergoing the patent process, therefore, represents an additional and novel armamentarium in oral preventive care in the dental office and at home.

Industry Testimonials

“… wonderful technology” – Lallemand
“… fits right in with our company’s goals and mission.” – Nutraceutical
“This is wonderful technology, a game-changer” – NewSmile

Dental Professional Testimonials

After interviewing 45 dental professionals in dental academia and private practice, and in professional organizations such as Public Health Ontario, Alberta Health Services and Indigenous oral health, these were the comments:


“.. very interesting and innovative”
“… a lot of potential with this…”
“game-changer … for all at risk patients…”
“Scientifically groundbreaking.”
“…excellent contribution to the tooth decay global problem”