About Us

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Dr. Siew-Ging Gong: Associate Professor at Faculty of Dentistry, UofT; orthodontist/scientist
Dr. Céline Lévesque: Professor at Faculty of Dentistry, UofT; oral microbiologist
Dennis Park: Dental student at UofT; ex-Morgan Stanley employee; previous VC backed healthcare start-up founder
Dr. Priyadarshani Choudhary: Postdoctoral fellow at Faculty of Dentistry, UofT; materials scientist
SaliBiotics was founded by two University of Toronto professors, Dr. Gong, an orthodontist and scientist, and Dr. Lévesque, an oral microbiologist. Using their decades of experience and expertise in the clinical and scientific areas of oral health and microbiology, they have developed a novel anti-caries product – a powerful oral probiotic capable of killing 99% of the main bacteria involved in causing tooth cavities. 
The team also extends to the various scientists in Dr. Gong’s laboratory who make such research and progress possible.
Our lab values innovation, integrity and collaboration among our members and they can be seen having many open discussions throughout the day!